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beef fingers

Beef Fingers

Ever felt bored thinking about  what to eat while watching T.V.? You know like you had enough popcorn or sweetbread or the mundane fries and chicken. Well, that’s how I felt one day while watching T.V. at home with the family. I just didn’t know what to eat.  So, with belly in hand, I rummaged [...]

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Crispy Oven Fried Chicken

Continuing with my recent health trend in cooking, I’ve been coming up with ways to present my recipes in a manner that will not only be tasty, but also healthy as well. This means sometimes reducing fat content or the amount of sodium used while still trying to create a harmonious balance with the rest [...]

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Trini Style Paprika Chicken

Mmmmm!  Paprika chicken was all the rage recently at my home.  It came, it wowed me, and it went….fast. Talk about flavour! It was a flavour to share.  This paprika chicken had a Trini spin which made our mouth water with delight.  So, it was only a matter of time before it eventually ended up [...]

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Rice Delight

You know how I love to give you all a story, well this rice delight has a beautiful origin; one that I have to share…  The Community Centre  was perched on a tiny block of land on the mountainside, in a little village on the Northern Range called El Luengo. But, small as it may [...]

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Bacon Wrapped Plantains

Bacon Wrapped Plantains

We have a lot of plantains in the Caribbean.  Generally, when I think of plantain I think of it being fried in oil until is is golden and served with bread or bake for breakfast.  I generally eat plantain fried.  It is also the easiest way to prepare it. There are many others recipes that [...]

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Making Trinidad Black Pudding (1)

How to Make Black Pudding

About a year ago I posted “Black Pudding and Hops”; a little post that was well received by my visitors. For some time I wasn’t aware of the impact it had on my readers until I got a flood of comments. Since then I was asked countless times to post an actual recipe for our [...]

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Guava Baked Lamb

Gauva Baked Lamb

Guava baked lamb is a taste to behold. Even though guava isn’t really in season, we found a viable source of guava cheese in the form of a product from Costa Rica. It is a perfect substitute for any guava dish you want to prepare when guava is not in season here in Trinidad and [...]

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Stew Oxtail and Melongene (Eggplant)

At long last I can finally post stew oxtail and melongene. This recipe was done and got lost along with the pictures while doing some moving around. But thanks to my mother-in-law I was able to get it done in time for you all. The Deal with Stew Oxtail and Melongene Now, melongene (eggplant) is [...]

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Curry Duck

Curry duck is surely one of our corner stone dishes here in Trinidad and Tobago, especially when we’re hanging out with friends and family. Gracing many a pot, be it by the beach or by the river, you’re sure to find curry duck bubbling on a three stone fireside….. Stop! That writing sounds like a [...]

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Chicken in Blackbean Sauce

Chicken In Black Bean Sauce

This chicken in black bean sauce has put me in trouble. Let me explain, for most family and social gatherings so far, I have always been called upon to do sweet and sour pork. It is a real crowd pleaser and it has always been met with satisfaction by all who partake. That was until [...]

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