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Masala Cherry (Gooseberries)

What do you do when you have bundles of sour cherries (Phyllanthus acidus) and need to process them before they spoil?  Well, you can make wine, chow, preserved cherries, and our latest concoction; masala cherry.  Never in my wildest dreams had I ever thought of  masala cherry.   Yes, you heard me correctly.  Masala cherry is [...]

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Spicy Egg Salad

This is not an ordinary egg salad; this is a spicy egg salad made with one of my favourite sauces, chadon beni chutney.  It is also one of my mom’s favourite ways to prepare boiled eggs.   Not everyone likes plain boiled egg.  This way makes it a lot more tasty and interesting with a little [...]

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Channa Soup Cutters

Channa Soup Cutters

With the carnival season upon us, this channa soup cutters recipe has come at the right time.  As local traditions suggest, alcohol is always complemented with a spicy appetizer.  Why spicy?  It is said that the spiciness in the appetizer prevents one from getting intoxicated too quickly. Preventing Hangover This is what some people claim; [...]

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Sorrel Kuchela

Sorrel Kuchela

Kuchela is a popular condiment in East Indian Cuisine on the island.  There are many versions of it, but this one is one that caught my attention and I could not wait to share it with my readers.  You see this sorrel kuchela was an inspiration for my mom – a person who loves all [...]

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Masala Caraili

Masala Caraili (Bitter Gourd)

Masala Caraili does a number on your tastebuds. Believe you me it does, especially if you’re not used to the taste of bitter gourd. First, it attacks you with a spicy, savoury masala  taste that entices you to have a bit more, but after the masala flavour subsides and starts to roll down your tongue [...]

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Curry Duck

Curry duck is surely one of our corner stone dishes here in Trinidad and Tobago, especially when we’re hanging out with friends and family. Gracing many a pot, be it by the beach or by the river, you’re sure to find curry duck bubbling on a three stone fireside….. Stop! That writing sounds like a [...]

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Curry Jhingi

Writing for this Curry Jhingi recipe was hard work, even almost disastrous I might add. Let me explain to you what I mean…I got all excited and started to do research on the various things I wanted to write about on Jhingi. Man I was ready. I had my first paragraph nicely written and was [...]

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This paynuse recipe took me by surprise so much so that I have to put aside all my other plans and make this one to post. A few months ago a few people asked me to post this recipe, but as always on the site one recipe gets side tracked for another (like this one [...]

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Cucumber Chutney

Found gracefully adorning all doubles in Trinidad and Tobago and perhaps in New York and environs, Cucumber Chutney has become a main stay of many a doubles vendor.  Be it for economy’s sake or otherwise, cucumber chutney is a real crowd pleaser. It complements the other chutneys and sauces well “batting in its crease” and [...]

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Video Recipe – Flour Parsad

I thought it best to post this video on flour parsad today, during this auspicious time of Divali, and also because of the number of hits this recipe has gotten over the last few days. Flour parsad is most loved by many because of its creamy sweet taste.  This is one type of parsad, the [...]

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