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Guava Cheesecake

I have been thinking  of making a guava cheesecake for some time now.  Guava is hard to find these days due to it being out of season, and when I saw a box of guava cheese, or guava paste as they call it, selling at a local supermarket, I was delighted.  It was time to [...]

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Sugarless Fruit Cake

I made a sugarless cake a few months which got rave reviews by my readers for its simplicity and speed. Some even experimented and converted the cake to a fruit cake/ black cake by adding soaked fruits.   When I first tried this cake, I simply loved it and made a vow to try it [...]

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Quick Mix Sponge Cake

I have for you busy readers and cooks, a quick and easy cake recipe for this hectic Christmas season. It will help you save time to spend with the family and relieve yourself of all the stress of getting the long “to do” list done.  I am talking about a quick mix sponge cake recipe.  [...]

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Three-Grain Almond Bread

This three-grain almond bread, more a quick bread, reminds me of coconut sweet bread.  When I first got this recipe, I felt I had to try it, but I did not expect the delicious results I got.  The thing about it it that it does not contain any sugar – and you actually don’t miss [...]

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Mango Cake

This is not a common recipe for mango, but an interesting one.  I say interesting, because I have never tasted a mango cake before – and never really thought of making one.  You see, like many people I am accustomed to eating the mango fruit as is; not as an ingredient in a recipe. Become [...]

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6 Must Try Banana Ice Creams

One of my favourite local fruits is banana.  It is such a handy fruit, and especially useful in baking, making punches, cakes and  making the simplest natural ice cream.  It wasn’t until the frozen banana post was done sometime ago that I got the idea from DC ( DC again lol!!)  to blend the bananas [...]

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fruit bars

Fruit Bars

Think this fruit bar is like the regular fruit bars you buy at the supermarket?  Think again, because believe me, you may just be thinking in the wrong direction.   This fruit bar will surprise you, especially knowing that there is no sugar in it.  This bar is sweetened with only fruits. Inspired to make some [...]

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Frozen banana

Frozen Banana

Frozen banana? Who would have thought that frozen bananas would make such a natural dessert. It’s as if Mother Nature was showing me that she could produce an all natural frozen treat without all the chemicals to rival any commercially made treat we are so addicted to.   And now I’m hooked. She has done truly [...]

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Cocoa Cake

Cocoa Cake

Yes, I know what you’re thinking; cocoa cake? Why not call it chocolate cake?  Well, I believe I have to make a distinction between a chocolate cake and a cocoa cake just for this recipe. This cake uses our very own “creole cocoa”. You know the one we use to make cocoa tea. Yes that’s [...]

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Sugarless Cake

Sugarless Cake

I have for you an extremely moist sugarless cake, with the uncanny resemblance to our popular black Christmas cake.  The main difference is that there is no alcohol in this cake.  As a matter of fact, this cake is a perfect substitute for the black Christmas Cake.  This cake is also the second cake for [...]

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