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fruit cooler

Fruit Cooler

It can certainly be refreshing; a fruit cooler can be just what you need not just during the hot summer months, but during times of stress. I know the Christmas season can be really stressful. This is not a money-saving month. And yet it comes and goes so quickly -  just like the salary. Therefore, [...]

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pumpkin ponche de creme

Pumpkin Ponche de Crème

This pumpkin ponche de crème is de bomb….. The last post with the guava wine simply whetted your appetite and now that you’re ready for more, this pumpkin ponche de crème is the perfect drink for a one two knockout …Yeah that puncheon rum will have you wheeling lol :) Talking about knockouts, a few [...]

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Guava Wine

Guava Wine

This guava wine has been curing for some time now but if you get your hands on some guava this Christmas season here is a simple wine recipe to make guava wine. There’s not much to it because you’re not really cooking lol :-) but it will still take some skill and close attention. First [...]

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Sorrel Liqueur

You would have guessed already that Felix must be somewhere enjoying himself.  After all, there has not been a post for quite a while, and the Christmas season is right around the corner.  And I would say, you are quite right.  He has been very busy since he had been invited to play with a [...]

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Beet Punch

I always buy beetroot when I go to the supermarket. Beetroot is one of our favourite vegetables. It is mostly placed in my salad, raw; it livens up the salad with its brillant colour. It does the same to beet punch. Its brillant colour and texture lends well to making a wonderfully super nutritious punch. [...]

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Tamarind Juice

Before I go into the tamarind juice post I feel it necessary to talk about my tamarind tree…. From the kitchen window the tamarind or tambran tree appeared as a wall of green, towering above the Julie Mango tree and still trying to compete with the peewah tree for as much sunlight it could get [...]

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orange-pineapple juice

Orange Pineapple Juice

I am tired of the sugary “fruit juices” that hardly contain the fruit in it.  That is why I decided to make another fresh squeezed juice similar to the orange-mango juice I did some time ago, now I have orange pineapple juice for you all.  Yes, this juice is not diluted with water or has [...]

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Orange-Mango Juice

I love the taste of this pure orange-mango juice.  Most “juices” in the supermarket are excessively sweet (with sucrose or high fructose syrup) and with very little amounts of juice from the fruit.  Most times it is made  from powdered juice and never really taste like the real fruit.  It usually ends up making you [...]

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spicy green juice

Spicy Green Juice

My personal experience with juicing has been unforgettable.  The juices I’ve tried have all been delicious and sometimes surprisingly filling.  This one is one of my favorites; I call it spicy green juice and it is really refreshing.   If you are also into juicing and you haven’t tried this juice, you are definitely in [...]

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Mango Juice

Mango Juice

Mango juice is a refreshing alternative to store bought juices.  The mango season is drawing to an end, and with it the many things that makes it mango season. So, I took the chance to make another recipe with mango, mango juice. The abundance of mango Soon, there will be no ripening mangoes on the [...]

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