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Buccaneering Meat Trinistyle

The art of buccaneering meat may be as old as time itself. Buccaneering ( book-ah-neer-ing ) meat is a time honoured tradition here in Trinidad and Tobago. Thus, for this post we will have to take a dive into our history to get an understanding of the word “buccaneering”. History of Buccaneering Meat The first [...]

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How to Control Stress Eating

Food is a natural comfort tool to control stress eating. Great food releases endorphins “ neurotransmitters inside of your brain that are designed to create a happy and uplifting mood“ and many people find that when they eat  they simply feel good, often for reasons they cannot really explain.  It is this great feeling that [...]

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How to Make a Cocoyea Broom

A cocoyea broom can be very handy around the house, especially during days likes these.  Today was bright and sunny and the coconut tree in the backyard had a few branches bowed down, low enough to be pulled off the tree. To avoid it falling on anyone accidentally I grabbed them and pulled them down…..Instead [...]

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A Cocoa Story III – Making Cocoa Tea

So, we have come to the final act of the Cocoa Trilogy that explored cocoa in Trinidad and Tobago in its glory days to showing how it was made the traditional way long time. Well, you don’t have to guess what’s the next step. After all that hard work, pounding that cocoa in the mortar, [...]

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A Cocoa Story II – How Cocoa is Made Trini Style

“When yuh have cocoa in de sun, look out for rain” This saying has had such a profound effect on me as child growing up in Trinidad and Tobago that even now as I write this second installment on A Cocoa Story, I wonder how this saying could have come about. Could the inventor of [...]

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Roast Corn

In Trinidad and Tobago, roasted corn or “roast corn” is a popular delicacy, and another street food we all love. In the streets, the vendor allows you to choose the corn you would like and it would be roasted on the spot in front of you. The corn is placed directly in the fire, frequently [...]

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How to Husk a Coconut

Today I just thought I would show you all how to husk a coconut. Husking a coconut is relatively easy and there are various methods. How To Husk a Coconut: Two Methods There are two such methods of husking a coconut that I’m aware of that we use here in Trinidad and Tobago. How to [...]

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Seasoning Meat Trini Style

Seasoning meat in Trinidad is art in itself and it is an important factor of Trini cooking, that is responsible for the unique taste of our dishes. Part of the fact I believe also is that we do not like the fresh smell of meat, especially chicken, when we’re cooking or eating UGHH! As I [...]

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How to Budget for Food

Some people find it difficult to budget, that is whey we have this article for our reader: How to Budget for Food.  Everyday we ask the question: “What shall we eat today?”   This question can become quite nagging for the one responsible for preparing the meals at home.  It can also be quite a [...]

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Trini Dictionary

This is a collection of the words we use in our everyday language. Enjoy.A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y ZBack to Sweet T & T

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