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7th Anniversary Already

Welcome, readers to this page, which commemorates our development into the 7 th year of blogging and sharing recipes, articles and experiences.  Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to become part of your cooking experience and also for your continued loyalty to the site. This is why we have come so far.  It is [...]

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Simply Trini’s 7th Anniversary

We truly have a lot to celebrate.  It is Simply Trini Cooking’s 7th Year Anniversary.  On the whole it has been an enjoyable and busy time here.  We have posted almost 500 recipes and a little over 200 articles on the site to date.  It is a remarkable accomplishment!  And I hope this commitment to [...]

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soursop ice cream

Soursop Ice Cream

Before I get into the Soursop Ice cream post, I would like to share a little about my writing…….. Sometimes I wonder if visitors read the introduction to each recipe.  Do you just skip the writing and go straight to the recipe?  How many of you really take on what I have to say? Or,  [...]

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Commentary: Too Many Public Holidays

It has been said that we have too many public holidays in Trinidad and Tobago.  This is not a new topic for us, every now and then a letter to a newspaper editor would criticize the many public holidays we enjoy and how they cause a dip in our economic productivity and ultimately a dip [...]

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The “Trini Spice Kit” Contest and Then Some

The Contest The “Trini Spice Kit” Contest is closed and we have two amazing recipes for our readers.  The contest was closed at the end of November.  Rachel and Julia were kind enough to share their versions of their recipes with us.  Their recipes were brilliant and creative and for that reason they both got [...]

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Pork for Christmas

In Trinidad and Tobago,  Christmas is synonymous with pork. It is used in our pastelles, baked or roasted, soaked in brine to make garlic pork and of course we can’t forget our trini style ham. Yes, it is so popular that even Scrunter, our local Parang Soca King,  had to sing about it. *singing….Ah want [...]

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The Politics of Food: Eliminating Trans-fat in Foods

On the helm of the ban of Trans Fat in foods by the FDA, one respondent to an article was adamant that his civil rights was being eroded and that Socialism was slowly creeping in on America. He was not the only one to express that feeling.  This got me thinking that this seems to [...]

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News: The Ever Elusive Biscuit Cake

The September/October Compère Magazine issue is out and we have a recipe for you.  Biscuit cake is the exclusive recipe for the September-October issue of Compère Magazine. Like I said in the article in the magazine, it has been one of the most trying recipes to acquire and put on the site.  My search for [...]

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Roast Breadfruit and Saltfish

Roast Breadfruit and Saltfish

Roast Breadfruit and saltfish echoes from a distant past, one that resonates where Trini food originated and the struggle it has endured. But, to me, it has another memory of a struggle……. The year was 1990; a year that proved to be very trying for us as a country and also as an individual during [...]

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plant shopping, bougainvillea

What Have I Been Up To? Just Plant Shopping

Today I’m just posting some pics of my latest excursion to Undercover, a large Plant and Flower Shop up at Santa Cruz. many women know of the place because on their way to Maracas Bay they all love to stop by and shop for flowers. I myself have been visiting for sometime since my mother-in-law [...]

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