Sorrel Kuchela

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Kuchela is a popular condiment in East Indian Cuisine on the island.  There are many versions of it, but this one is one that caught my attention and I could not wait to share it with my readers.  You see this sorrel kuchela was an inspiration for my mom – a person who loves all things with pepper on it.  So this one I guess is came to her while she was thinking of other ways to enjoy sorrel during this Christmas season.  After all, fresh  sorrel is in abundance, so make good use of it.

Now, this recipe is another very easy recipe.  The colour of the sorrel is bright red and could make any dish seem colourul with just a dab of it as a condiment.  It can be the side for just about any dish you like, especially if you like that sour, pepper taste as well.  Most times kuchela is made with fruits that are green, that is why sorrel is perfect.  It has the tart taste that most green fruits have and is a perfect candidate for a kuchela. How would you use your sorrel kuchela?

Sorrel Kuchela



6 cups sorrel, cleaned and diced
2 tbsp. amchar masala
2 tbsp. oil
3 cloves garlic
1 hot pepper
1 cup water, for boiling sepals
Salt to taste

Wash the sorrel and remove the sepals.

Note: Cutting around the seed at the bottom makes it easier and safer to remove the sepals.



Cut the sepals; each in four.


Pour one cup of water into a deep pot and heat over medium flame.



Add the sepals and cook for about 1 to 2 minutes.  Just enough to get the sepals soft.


Strain to remove the excess water.



Add the amchar masala to the sepals. Mix.


Heat the oil then saute garlic and pepper.


Mix in the sorrel sepals.

Allow to cook for another 3 minutes.  Adjust salt to taste.  Remove and allow to cool.
Place in sterilized bottle and refrigerate.

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So, that’s it for this recipe.  Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.  Don’t forget to leave your comments for this sorrel kuchela recipe at the bottom of the post.
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