News: The Ever Elusive Biscuit Cake

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The September/October Compère Magazine issue is out and we have a recipe for you.  Biscuit cake is the exclusive recipe for the September-October issue of Compère Magazine. Like I said in the article in the magazine, it has been one of the most trying recipes to acquire and put on the site.  My search for this recipe began with me asking people to share their biscuit cake recipe with me.

Then I resorted to online searching.  That is when I came across “Chennette‘s” post that discussed long time pastries.  She had a link that carried you to a recipe for Trinidad Milk Cake on another site. She suggested the recipe was not accurate, but at least it was something to begin with.  I tried it once and true enough it was not accurate, but we weren’t giving up that easy.  Every year we would search online to see if anyone got the recipe right, but only to realize that it was like searching for a needle in a hay stack.

This carried on for 4 years until recently, my wife insisted she must try it again.  About a year ago she almost had it, but our panel of tasters including myself were not quite convinced it tasted like biscuit cake, even though it looked like it.  So, she tried it again, and to our great surprise our panel of tasters were moved.  We had it… but I would still like our readers to try it out and give me some feedback.

Now, I must say, the only difference was that we did not sprinkle too much sugar on the top.  Our panel of tasters believed that the biscuit cake long time had excess amount of sugar on the top.  One of our tasters was pleased there was not much sugar on his own. So, I guess our tasters are conscious of their health. So, being thankful to our tasters and the good Lord for giving us much patience we present our readers with the elusive biscuit cake recipe that could now be accessed by all subscribers.  It is a simple recipe, you would be surprised.



On another angle, I would like to inform readers that there will be no October-November issue for Compere Magazine, due to the contest we have out right now.  The next issue will however be a BIG – and the last for the year 2013.  Look forward to that issue and the winners who will be posted in this issue.  We look forward to getting lots of responses from you all.  The issue will also carry articles from some very popular food bloggers as well.  Above all, the giveaway for the month of December will be awesome… we are bringing back a giveaway many of you missed last year.  So look out for the next issue and make sure you are subscribed to enjoy all these benefits.

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  1. says

    yay! you have a recipe! I haven’t made it yet, because I am traveling, but thanks for the mention 😉 When I pass through home (Trinidad) this weekend, maybe I can convince my co-tester to try it out with me.

  2. Saffy says

    Hi Felix,
    I downloaded the September-October issue of the Compere magazine, saw the story for this recipe but no recipe! Maybe I keep missing it, but the ever elusive recipe is elusive to me. Please help!

  3. Charlene Hamlet says

    Please I cannot find the recipe for the biscuit cake. I have been looking for this recipe for so long. I am so close yet I cannot find it on your site please help.

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