Sour Cherry Jam

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Following closely to the heels of the soaked sour cherry, today I have for you sour cherry jam. A keen favourite of many a Trinidadian especially when there is an abundance of the fruit.  My earliest recollections of having sour cherry jam is at home when my mother made. But, at that time we didn’t have any sour cherry trees in our backyard. We usually got when we went to the country side in Talparo…….

There was a large tree in the backyard not too far from the hog pen where my sisters used to swing when no pigs were being reared. The tree was so large that a very long rod with a bag had to be used to pick the cherries. Many fell to the ground and got bruised because of the height they fell from, but we still caught enough in the bag.

Anyhow, coming back home after a day in the countryside we usually had a large bag of sour cherries to make jam. I had sour cherry jam until until I was filled to the brim…Ever so often while watching TV, I would just pass by the fridge with saucer in hand and take a few spoonfuls to enjoy. Also I must say I’ve had different flavours of jam as well from just the “normal” sweet to spicy to sweet and sour. My penchant for spicy always had me going after the spicy jam a bit more!

Even when we made this batch of sour cherry jam my sister made some with pepper and it just had me passing by the fridge a bit more often lol!  What you would notice is that no colouring was used. I wanted to show you all that no colouring is needed since the cherry “makes” its own red colour while it is boiling. So that’s a plus and I can safely say, “no preservatives”. Here’s sour cherry jam like granny used to make. Enjoy.

Sour Cherry Jam Recipe


Sour Cherry Jam


4 cups sour cherries (West India gooseberries)
2 bay leaves
3 cups sugar
2 1/2 cups water


 Wash the sour cherries and the bay leaves.









 Place in a deep pot. Add sugar and water.








Boil for 45 minutes under medium heat stirring occasionally to prevent sticking.

When it achieves a reddish brown colour and is syrupy, turn off stove and leave to cool.

Place in a sterilized bottle and refrigerate when cool.


Well, how did you like them cherries? Leave a comment for my sour cherry jam in the box below.

Ah gone :)


  1. Istvan says

    Visiting Tobago from Canada, the lady’s property were I am staying has a big old sour cherry tree. Last night sitting at the porch wind took down a good size branch loaded with sour cherry clusters. I picked them up this morning, and I making my first cherry jam right now!
    Thanks to your recipe!
    Good work, maintain your heritage recipes!

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