My Top 10 Liming Foods for Carnival

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Well, Carnival is upon us and yuh boy is already in Carnival mode and have been thinking of the top 10 liming foods for Carnival that people visit on the blog. I haven’t been able to post as usual because I’ve been busy myself. At this time I’m recuperating from Soca Monarch, which was excellent I must add, but I’m already gearing up for J’ Ouvert which happens in the next 10 hours or so. This means you all are not seeing me or hearing from me until Ash Wednesday.

Top 10 Liming Foods for Carnival

With this in mind I’ve decided to post what I believe to be my top 10 Liming foods for Carnival. You know the foods we Trinis just love to eat when we’re on the road for carnival and don’t want to cook too much or even think about cooking.

Here’s my list, in no particular order, of the top 10 liming foods for Carnival.

1. Pelau

This simple to make meal is a favourite for families who are busy on Carnival Day. It’s easy to make and requires very little utensils in its preparation.  So now they have all the time left to enjoy Panorama or masquerades on the streets or on television.

2. Pig Foot Souse

Popular among party goers at many  all-inclusive fetes throughout the islands, because this appetizer is easily served in cups rather than plates.  It is appropriate for the active feter who wants to grab a bite while jumping up to sweet soca music.

Trinidad Pig Foot Souse

3. Geera Pork

This appetizer is a limers companion. Geera pork can be eaten by itself or with hops bread, making it a very versatile dish.

4. Corn Soup

Not everyone that limes or go to parties are meat eaters.  This wholesome soup fills the void perfectly for the hungry masquerader.

Trinidad Corn Soup

5. Bake and Shark

Bake and shark is synonymous with Maracas Beach and after some fetes this is where most party goers end up to relax for the rest of the day.  Bake and shark is the go to liming food to complete your day at the beach. Don’t forget the chadon beni sauce.

Trinidad Bake and Shark

6.Cow Heel Soup.

This is another one pot meal perfect for a sunny day or a night out on the town like St. James.  This is a must to enjoy with friends while liming.

Trinidad Cow Heel Soup

7.Black Pudding

This meal is not for the faint of heart, since you are basically eating seasoned, cooked pig’s blood.  It is usually served with hops bread.

8. Chicken Foot Souse

Not everyone consumes pork, but almost everyone likes a chicken foot souse.  Everyone has their favourites.

Trinidad Chicken Foot Souse

9.Cow Heel Souse

This is another variation of souse, which is most preferred by those who do not fancy chicken feet.

10. Doubles

This one goes without saying.  Doubles is so popular that it is eaten at any time of day.  It can be breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Trini Doubles

An amazing Top 10 Liming Foods for Carnival

Wow, if you’re dribbling like me right now and wiping some off the computer keyboard, then you are 100%  Trini or really know your Trini food.

You can always tell me how you would arrange these recipes in your order of favourites….Maybe it could be another upcoming post, who knows? By the way if you think I left out any liming food just leave a comment.

As I go, I want to wish everyone a happy and safe carnival. Don’t drink and drive and if you must then have a designated driver. Too much of my Trini people are dying on the roads.

Before I go, just ah lil teaser who I’m playing with for J’ Ouvert.  I’m sure anyone can guess :)

Top 10 Liming Foods for Carnival

Be safe.

Ah Gone!

P.S. Please, leave your comments on our top 10 liming foods for Carnival in our comment box below.


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