Pommerac Wine

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Before I start talking about pommerac wine you know I have to give you all a story……Here goes…

Pommerac wine and a story

There were two Pommerac trees in our backyard; a large variety called “Jamoon” and a “Chinee” Pommerac tree. When Pommerac was in season, it was Pommerac for so; too much even for ourselves. But, that wasn’t a problem because we always had company one way or another.  An you could always make some pommerac wine to store for later use.

Mother Nature was always our first “company” during the season. The trees were always abuzz with life. Ants marched single file up the trunk and branches; aphids were everywhere on young leaves, while ants tended them; butterflies and bumble bees flew by unconcerned, pollinating the flowers that were in between some of the young fruits. Once in a while a humming bird would pass and spend a short while foraging for nectar.

Even woodlice (termites) took refuge in the old, rotting branches until they fell off or were broken off. And, if that wasn’t enough they would build their nest in the ‘crook’ of a branch taking up permanent residency, or so we thought…..That was until we saw ants living in the nest. Seems like the woodlice got evicted from their own home…Such is life!

Jep (wasps) also joined in the fun by building nests on the underside of a leaf high up on the tree; better not disturb them because the slightest vibration sent them into a stinging frenzy… Nothing a rolled up piece of “gazette” paper and some matches couldn’t fix lol!  These sights and sounds were amazing….but,we’re not here for that. It was all about the Pommerac.

Besides the insects etc, we were the second “company”.  A freshly picked Pommerac was a sight, smell and taste to behold. The first bite for me was always at the tip, but not too much because the semi-perfumed, juicy flesh of the purplish red Pommerac was waiting right after to be devoured. That ‘Jamoon’ Pommerac tree bore some fruit as large as your hand….

Wash? Who had time to wash anything when you’re up on the tree almost ten feet off the ground. Added to that, after climbing and dodging the ants and wasp nest, that reddish purple Pommerac high up was your prize and no one was getting that one. They would have to wait until I sent down one or two for them down below…..

Anyhow, in between the many Pommerac chows or just plain Pommerac with salt and pepper, there was the occasional Pommerac wine my mom made. Nothing was wasted. The Pommerac that fell was picked up in a bucket, washed and processed for wine making.

 Pommerac Wine Recipe

In this recipe I opted to use the “Chinee” Pommerac which has a pastelle shade of taste. Here’s Pommerac Wine. Enjoy!

pommerac wine


4 lbs Pommerac
4 cups sugar
2 tbsp yeast
5 L water

To sweeten
5 c sugar
1 c raisins

 Sterilize all the utensils used using hot water.

 Boil the 5L of water and set aside to cool.

 Wash and cut the Pommerac.

 Pour the water into the sterilized bucket and add the pommerac.

 Add the yeast and 4 cups of sugar and stir.

 Cover lightly and leave in a cool place for 21 days


21 days has passed, or at least imagine that it has lol

Of course, we’re going to sterilize the utensils again with hot water.

 Remove the fruits from the bucket and throw away.

 Then strain using a very fine cloth or sieve. Then sweeten with the 5 cups of sugar.

 Pour in sterilized bottles and add the raisins. Leave for 10 days.

 After the 10 days strain again and pour into sterilized “rum bottles” and store in a cool dry place.

Note: This is the end of the process, but now it’s time to leave the wine to cure so that the taste develops. In time more residue may settle at the bottom of the bottles and may require further straining.


So here ends another favourite pastime recipe of many. Don’t forget that the lime continues at the forum so start joining and take part in discussions and share ideas with other like minded people. Right now I posted up a wonderful video on Buccaneering Meat Trini style that you won’t see anywhere else. So see you all soon. Do have a blessed day.

Ah gone! :)

Pommerac wine is one type of homemade wine, tell us about the type of homemade wine you like.


  1. dc says

    I wonder if you take the same recipe but instead substitute 4 pounds of guava or 4 pounds of pineapple or 4 pounds of banana or 4 pounds of any fruit, if the proportions of the rest of the ingredients and the methodology would be the same?

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