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I thought it best to post this video on flour parsad today, during this auspicious time of Divali, and also because of the number of hits this recipe has gotten over the last few days. Flour parsad is most loved by many because of its creamy sweet taste.  This is one type of parsad, the other is made with cream of wheat. The second is tastier and healthier.  It is not served much, because cream of wheat is more expensive than flour.  Generally, around this festive time a pounds of parsad is made to be distributed to friends and relatives.

So here is a parsad recipe for you to enjoy. Check out the video recipe then subscribe to the Simply Trini Cooking You Tube Channel. Of course tweet, facebook like and feel free to share with your friends and family.

Flour Parsad

flour parsad

Flour Parsad Video Recipe

Shubh Divali :-)

Parsad is a popular Divali Recipe.  You will love this recipe.  This recipe produces a creamy and sweet tasty parsad.  We invite you to leave comments about this flour parsad recipe below in the comment box below.


  1. dc says

    Felix, unfortunately because of where I am right now, I cannot access the video portion of this recipe (don’t ask, long story) but would you have happened to include the recipe for the Cream of Wheat version? Any chance we could get it if you did not please? :)

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