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So I haven’t been posting lately and you don’t have to guess what I’ve been doing because of my new recipe unit converter widget. This project took some time but I know it’s worth it.

Ever been on a recipe site and wanted to do some quick conversions for recipes? Well I have certainly been there and decided to do something about it, especially for my visitors and fellow food bloggers who would want to do recipe unit conversions.

About My Recipe Unit Converter Widget

The recipe unit converter widget provides you fast unit conversions at your fingertips to all those units commonly used in the kitchen, from metric to cups to pounds etc. You simply type in your amount set the desired units and press the convert button. What could be easier than that?……… I know I could really make you all lazy sometimes lol :-). Can’t wait to try it out? Just look on my sidebar and you could try some kitchen conversions for yourself.

Of course, this is not really an original idea since there are hundreds of converters available online some of which had units I’ve have never even heard of (do you know how much is a jigger?) . What I did is I made my recipe converter widget more convenient for visitors to my site. I went all out to put in as much cooking units that I think would be helpful in day to day conversions making the task of calculating a thing of the past. If there’s any unit of measure that I’ve missed that you believe would be helpful, please feel free to email me with the request and I’ll make the adjustments.

As an added bonus the code is free for all food bloggers etc to embed on their sidebar for their visitors as well. All you have to do is copy the code and embed it on your sidebar. Easy peasy 😀

Recipe Unit Converter, Simply Trini Cooking

I do hope you enjoy using my recipe unit converter widget. I am going to make full use of it on my site from now on—–no more searching through countless tables and charts again :-)

Recipe Unit Converter Code

Copy the code below and place in your side bar :)

<iframe src=”” height=”518″ width=”152″ frameborder=”0″></iframe>

Don’t worry, more delicious Trini creations to come so be on the look out :-)

Ah gone!

P.S. For those of you who don’t know, a jigger is equal to 44.36ml

P.S.S. If you are reading this post in a Feed Reader the widget installer will not display properly. To access the widget, you will have to visit the actual article .

Please leave a comment below if you like my recipe unit converter widget and find it helpful.


  1. says

    I’ve been looking for conversion widget for my website / blog, and love what you’ve done here! I wondered if you could tell me how I can get the code for it. It’s not appearing in your post at all! I’d like to put it in my website & blog,

    Thanks very much :)


    • says

      Since I moved from blogger the code didn’t work. I will have to fix the code. Was actually thinking getting it made into a plugin, that way all will benefit.

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