Mango Punch

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So wha’ you goin’ an’ pos’ today?’

“Ah postin’ Mango Punch

“Mango Punch?”

“How does that taste? “

“It taste real good man”

“So how you does make it?”

Well first you get some mango, you know like mango Julie, and then you add some milk in the osterizer an’ ….. Buh wait nah, if I tell you how to make mango punch nobody go want to scroll down to see how to make it”

Mango Punch Recipe

Here, is mango punch recipe…. And don’t forget the bitters! :-)


Mango Punch


3 Mangoes (Julie mangoes preferably)
2 cups full cream milk
1/2 cup sugar
2 tsp vanilla essence
2 tsp Angostura bitters



Peel the mango and cut up the pulp
Pour the milk into the blender
Add essence…
and bitters
blend to a creamy consistency.
Note: According to the type and sweetness of mango used, adjust sugar and essence to taste afterward.
Back to meh Trini Creole…:-D

Yuh see how easy that was! Anyhow, ah have ah bess recipe for allyuh on Friday, so stay tuned an’ make sure yuh walk wit’ ah styrotex cup.

Ah gone! :-)

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