French Fries

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There’s something about simplicity in cooking that I always like. I have found that taking your time and showing a little care for the meal being prepared always brings great results. Ever since I saw the movie “The Ramen Girl” , starring the late Brittany Murphy, something has changed about the way I approach cooking. There’s the part when the ramen sensei took her (Abby) to meet his mother that has stuck with me. She told Abby that she had to learn to cook from a quieter place – the heart. I like that! Cooking from the heart!

Making the Perfect French Fries

So what does this have to do with making the perfect french fry? Everything. We’re so accustomed to the roaring fire and the extra hot oil…. We throw in the potatoes into the boiling hot oil only to be disappointed to get limp, overcooked on the outside and soft on the inside, french fries in the end… Then after all of that you’re still in a quandary as to how french fries are so crispy especially at the world famous, best tasting, fast food restaurant on Independence Square… Well have no fear, yuh boy go fix yuh up with ah bess recipe for french fries today!

After searching all over the internet and mulling over a myriad of french fry recipes, I eventually found my inspiration for this post in a simple, but effective technique that has proven itself and has made me the french fry guru at home LOL!! So whenever I ask “what yuh feelin for today?” The answer I get 5 out of 4 times is “French Fries”…..Well at least that’s if we have potatoes haha!! :-)

The method is simple, as you would see, but requires some patience, care and a bit of “cooking from a quieter place”: no roaring fires here! So sit back, relax, get your index finger ready to scroll and enjoy this french fry post. Enjoy the ride!

French Fries Recipe

French Fries


6 medium potatoes
oil for frying
salt to taste



Peel and cut up the potato into sticks. Not too thick though!
Wash the potato three times

Add cold water and ice cubes to the potato. Refrigerate for an hour.

After the hour has passed drain the water and dry the french fries with a kitchen towel or cloth.

Put the potato in a large pot
Add the oil (enough to cover the french fries)
Now light the stove and keep the flame low.
Note: This is where the patience and care begins. Keep the flame low and allow the the potatoes to take their time to fry. While the french fries are frying do not disturb it. This could result in breaking the french fry. Only interfere with them when they float. Good fries come to those who wait! :-)

Fry until golden brown
Drain on paper towels and sprinkle a little salt to taste. Enjoy!

How did you do? Did you get the sought after crunch we all like in a french fry? Did you automatically went looking for the ketchup and mustard ( meh Trini people! lol) This french fry recipe will certainly be in heavy rotation once your family tastes the first batch!

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