Coconut Milk

How to Make Coconut Milk

After husking the coconut, it can be used to make coconut milk. In this post,  I’ll be showing you all how to make coconut milk. Coconut milk is used in many of the trini recipes I have posted such as our favourite pelau or ochro rice. As you will notice it is a simple task in itself though time consuming if you are doing it the traditional way using a grater. Now, making coconut milk is a snap because of blenders which makes the process much, much easier. You could actually make coconut milk in less than 10 minutes using a blender. Anyhow, I won’t be long. Here’s coconut milk.

Coconut Milk Recipe


Coconut Milk



4 coconut
12 cups water


Start by cracking the coconut then remove the shell.
Note: As you would notice I use the back of a chinese cleaver to crack the coconut but a simple smash on the ground would do just the same.

When removing the shell insert the knife between the coconut and the shell. Wag the knife along and the coconut should separate easily. Note also, do not use a sharp knife if this your first time doing this.

The knife shown is my preferred knife to use because it has a dull point and the short length gives me better leverage.

Grate the coconut.
Note: To keep the process traditional we used a grater, but the blender would do a fast job of this.

Add 3 cups of water to the grated coconut and pick up handfuls of the coconut meal and squeeze.

Place the squeezed coconut into another bowl. Do this process 4 times ( = 12 cups)
Use immediately or freeze for later use.
Note: You can pour the  milk into ice trays to freeze for easy use. When you want just take out a few blocks from the tray.
I hope you enjoyed this little post on making coconut milk. More recipes to come.

Use the coconut milk to create a number of local dishes.



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  1. Shobha December 23, 2012 at 4:07 pm #

    I love your recipes. I tried the coconut bake for the first time and it came out perfect, just like the trini style. I have copied some of your recipes and is definitely going to try them, especially the coconut ones. Going to make coconut bake with saltfish for Christmas…..YUM!!!!

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