Corn Pie

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One taste of Corn Pie brings me a rush of memories……It was Sunday; the old man’s leg had been amputated and I used to visit him on this day to “ole talk* and keep him company. We would talk at length on many issues ranging from the spiritual to the mundane. I was in a sort of school, as I would put it, because I gained something every time I left. But this Sunday was different.

Not Coo Coo, But Corn Pie

I was served the usual Sunday lunch of stew chicken, red beans and rice with some callaloo at the side but that day there was a new side in my plate. I thought, why would they serve me Coo Coo? But my question was answered with one taste of this pie. It wasn’t coo coo but it tasted delicious!

I later learnt that it was called corn pie. I asked his daughter for the recipe and a few weeks later I had my own copy of that umami filled, corn pie recipe. I placed it between the pages of my trusty Naparima recipe book* and there it stayed for years: only to come out on special occasions……

The old man passed and the Sunday visits ceased, but two things remained: what I learnt from him and the corn pie recipe [ Still between the aged pages of my Naparima book ( my first recipe book ) and still coming out on special occasions: the page brown with age]… Now it has a resting place. Right here for all to enjoy. What memories would you have when you taste a piece of corn pie? I hope it is as memorable as mine. Enjoy corn pie!

Corn Pie Recipe



Corn Pie, Trinidadian Corn Pie



1 egg
1 can whole kernel corn
1/2 tsp. salt
1/4 cup (2 oz.) butter
1/2 tsp. black pepper or white pepper
8 tbsp. Promasa Cornmeal
2 pimento peppers, chopped
2 medium sized onions, chopped
1 large sweet pepper, diced
1 cup evaporated milk


Add 1 egg to the liquid from 1 can of whole kernel corn.
If there is little liquid add water to bring it up to about 1 cup liquid.
Beat well then add salt and black pepper or white pepper.
Stir in cornmeal to a smooth paste and set aside.
Melt the butter and saute the onion,
pimento peppers and sweet pepper.
Add evaporated milk and bring to boil.

Add the cornmeal mixture and stir on low heat to a consistent paste.
Stir in the whole kernel corn.
Continue stirring until it leaves the sides of the pot.

Remove from heat and pour into a greased dish.
Smooth the surface with the back of a spoon.
Bake at 350 degrees F for approx 30 minutes or until golden brown.

Deepest apologies for not posts last week: my computer crashed. Well, as usual more to come. Hope you enjoyed the corn pie. I always do :-)

* ole talk – chat
* Naparima Book – A recipe book of Trinidad and Tobago recipes done by the Naparima Girls’ High School reputed to be one of the essentials in any Trini kitchen.





  1. says

    Ohhhh, Felix, thanks for sharing this recipe. I am definitely going to try this. I love that this pie is firm, now I know that it is from the cornmeal. I have everything but the can of corn if not I’d make it today…

  2. says

    Back when I worked in a Ministry in Trinidad, there was a particular caterer we used for small events – and around Christmas time, she always had this fantastic corn pie! Was one of my favourites!

  3. says

    We made this a month ago, substituting canned corn for fresh boiled one and adding some extra zucchini, which needed to be used.
    It was delicious!
    I love your blog and am eager to try lots of other recipes from it.


  4. says

    Felix I will say I shared the same expression (why would my aunt feed me coocoo) cause I dont eat coocoo, but when I ate that pie It was so Damn GOOD I begged for the recipe and I wasn’t given it, so thanks for sharing it here.

  5. says

    Try this with Jiffy Corn Muffin mix and a tin of cream style corn to the mixture… it is de best… you could also vary it by adding sugar for a sweet flavour (a Dessert dish)

    You can also add tuna or salmon to the mixture to get a tuna/salmon corn casserole…

  6. says

    It’s Thanksgiving and I tried it as a side using canned sweet corn and coconut milk (since my guests are lactose intolerant) – delicious! Thanks so much Felix.

  7. says

    The first corn pie I ever made was using this recipe, after a google search of ‘recipe for corn pie’ lol..N.B. I wowed my mom and at the time i was only 19 with no interest in cooking. This simple and precise recipe not only made the corn pie tasty, but gave it that special trini flavor!! Thanks Felix =)

  8. says

    I came across this recipe from a link at Breakfast,Lunch,Dinner and Punch and gave it a try tonight. It turned out great! Very tasty. I dug in straight from the oven so it was little bit mushy but I’m guessing it will firm up after I let it stand for a bit. Will definitely be adding this to my repertoire.

  9. says

    Thank you for stopping by Candi and trying out the corn pie recipe. I saw Wizzy’s version when I passed the other day. it was a nice twist with the chilli…. So you couldn’t wait for it to cool eh? Hope you didn’t scald your tongue lol! Visit again soon :-)

  10. says

    WOW, WOW, WOW… no kidding, learn to cook grits and you can hit it home with this. This was incredible. Albeit, cook it slow is key. COCO is called corn? Sorry, I live in a fertilly rich area in Lancaster Co, PA. NO ONE CAN WAIT HERE FOR FRESH CORN SEASON! Ooooh, boil it and eat straight from the cob. Your version of this is incredible. Even our locals “Amish” could not top this. Way yummmmy. BUT I did add that all too much of a favorite to this, just seems to go hand in hand, Some BACON!!!!! Browned crisp and papertoweled to degrease. AHHHHHH, heaven in every bite!!!!

  11. says

    I guess you can use cream style corn but seeing that this is a very accurate recipe already, you may not get the same taste this dish is famous for.

  12. Susan says

    Hi Felix,

    I am going to try this recipe for a wedding on Saturday. By how much should i increase the recipe by to get about 2 large foil pan of corn pie?


  13. DionneAbigail says

    Hi Felix, I just discovered this site cuz I was looking for an oxtail recipe. I’ve NEVER commented before but I felt compelled to do it this time. Thank you for making all your recipes sooooooo simple and the ingredients are so easy to find, but I think I enjoy reading your intros at the beginning of each recipe the most. Thanks again

  14. stacy says

    I would love for the administrator to remove third party restrictions from the site. So that I can pin one of my favorite recipes to pinterest. It will be appreciated. Thank you :)

  15. dyan says

    i was just wondering is there a substitute i can use for the eggs, my husband does not eat eggs and i would love to try this recipe.

    • says

      To substitute 1 egg, simmer 1 tbsp ground flaxseed in 3 tbsp of water until it is slightly thickened. Then cool to room temperature before you use it.

    • says

      I’m happy you liked the recipe Java. Yes I am Felix Padilla in the flesh. The cheese was just a variation my friend Cynthia did, but the original recipe I did does not call for cheese since it increases the calories of the dish. Adding the cheese is optional.

  16. Gypsy says

    One of the best things about Corn Pie is the many variations. I made this today and it is very delicious. Definitely another one of the more tasty versions both in flavor and texture. To me, no Corn Pie would be complete without the added flavor of peppers and the firm yet moist texture from the cornmeal makes this Corn Pie recipe one I’ll make again!

  17. simone says

    Hi good day felix. Can this be made without Eggs. Don’t like eggs in pie so could you tell me of a replacement or if it could be done without it. Thank you…

    • says

      Yes, I believe you can leave the eggs out, you can use ground flaxseed. Simmer about 1 tablespoon in 3 tablespoon of warm water until it is slightly thickened. Cool and use in the recipe.

  18. denzel wj says

    i found this dish interesting although i substituted the whole kernel corn for 2 whole kernels and 2 cream corns. although im only 12 i can still cook very well an found this recipe one of the easiest i’ve made

  19. Querino de-Freitas says

    I find all corn dishes are really all the same…i make a corn pudding with frozen corn I put all sort of veggies in,,and when its baked,,,with a lovely golden top,,,it looks the same as your corn-pie when its sliced………qqq

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