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It’s me again and maybe you’re wondering how come I haven’t been posting as regular these few days so I’ve decided to give you all a little glimpse. Well, just a little. Since the set of posts for Divali , I’ve been a bit tired, not from posting but work related, so I decided to relax a little. So what did I do? Well, I’m not much of a limer, so I stayed at home and checked out the fruit trees around the yard to see what I could get. And I did get a lot of fruits! Lets check them out.

Under de Coconut Tree

Chinee Coconut

My first stop the Chinee Coconut tree. Got a few with slight jelly and lots of fresh coconut water. This was the start of a nice day don’t you think? Leaning on the bunch is our trusty and sharp cutlass (machete) also known as a 3 canal (now you know where the local rapso group got their name from) or 3 line because of the three distinguishing marks.

Pommecythere I

Pommecythere II

Pommecythere III

Afterward it was time to visit the pommecythere tree. This year, like the five finger (carambola), the pommecythere took on a large load of fruits, but there was one problem: this tree is very tall and most of the pommecythere was unreachable at the ends of the branches. Anyhow, we got someone to climb and pick with a long bamboo rod with a bag attached at the end. There was so much I had to give away!

Five Finger

I just couldn’t leave the five finger tree alone: just had to pick a bag full. These five finger were really big. Later I’ll show you the size of one.

Boiled Kerekel

Peewah is in season so there was also a bunch to pick. It made kerekel this time just as delicious though!

Plum with Salt and Pepper

And to end the day I sat down with a lovely bowl of plum with salt and pepper. Dribble! Dribble! 😀

So you see what a wonderful day I spent? Lots of relaxation; time to ponder on thoughts and ideas; even some time to watch some cable while enjoying some soft jelly and a nice tall glass of free coconut water. :-)

Lime Pepper Sauce in de Sun

Any way before I go I didn’t forget to put the lime pepper sauce in the sun. I think I just made it get a little hotter by doing this!

So now you know what I have been doing …..Back to recipes soon. Ah gone!



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