Saheena I

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The dasheen plant’s use is very versatile in the hands of an experienced Trini cook. Actually, we use the whole plant, the leaves and the corm, in dishes ranging from provision and saltfish to bhaji rice to callaloo. And added to that today we have saheena.

Saheena: An Indian Delicacy

Saheena is a wonderful East Indian delicacy that is suitable for all occasions be it breakfast, dinner or even on this auspicious day of Divali. It’s filling and also vegetarian. Talk about versatility! I would like to call this the all rounder since it fits any occasion.

You would notice I titled this recipe Saheena I, that’s because there are two ways in which we Trinis make saheena. This method is the “roll up” method you will see what I mean as you read on. The other method …well, you would have to wait and see unless you know already :-)

So here’s Saheena an allround East Indian delicacy made from dasheen bush an equally versatile plant. Enjoy!.

Saheena Recipe


Saheena I



12 dasheen leaves (taro)
1 1/2 cup split peas powder
1/2 cup flour
1 1/2 cup water
1 tsp. saffron (tumeric) powder
1 tbsp. baking powder
1/2 tsp salt
1 tbsp green seasoning

paste for frying*
1 1/2 cup split peas powder
1/2 cup flour
1 cup water
1 tsp. saffron (tumeric) powder
1 tbsp. baking powder
1/2 tsp salt
1 tbsp green seasoning

* this paste is a bit thicker

mix the ingredients together to form a paste
wash and clean the leaves removing the stems
Open one large dasheen leaf face down and rub paste on it.
Place another leaf on top and repeat the earlier step.
Continue layering and pasting each layer until the paste is finished or the leaves are used up.

Roll tightly together and tuck the ends.

Place in a clean plastic bag and put into boiling water to steam. -or-
tie the roll with string and place it in a steamer.
Note: We used a clear plastic bag so a zip lock bag could be used too. Use only clear plastic bags!
Make sure the knot is above the water
Remove after 15 minutes and leave to cool.

cut in 1/2 ” slices.
Paste some of the thicker mixture on both sides.
Fry until golden…
and drain. Serve with your favourite kuchela or chutney.
Note: To eat the saheena simply cut open the and place the kuchela or chutney in the middle like a sandwich.

This is really getting to be a marathon. More to come!. Ah gone again!



  1. says

    wonderful…we call it patra..the name saheena is new for me..
    yes we have a tradition to eat yam for diwali and i made yam kababs which i am going to post very soon..

  2. says

    I think I like this kind the best because it wasn’t as readily available (until Mom started freezing the rolls – then defrosting and steaming happen at the same time).

  3. says

    OMG!!! thank you for this recipe!! I remember my aunt making this type of saheena and it was marvelous!! Gonna try it for my husband!!
    Thanks a lot!! :))

  4. says

    my husband and i love saheena and we are always looking to buy good ones, so when i saw this recipe i decided to try it, because i always knew the proccedure but was not certain about the measurement of the ingredients, it came out very good as to texture and the taste, but however i did think that in future i will alternate 2 things….i think it could have used a tip more salt and a whole lot less of tumeric, 1tsp is way too much for 2cups of splitpeas powder and flour combined it made the batter taste very bitter because tumeric is a very strong taste when overused, besides that i will continue using this recipe with my alterations, thanks.

  5. says

    I love this type of saheena. Every Sunday morning my husband buys it for me in the market. Glad for the recipe so I can finally try it on my own. Will let you know how it comes out

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