Pommecythere Chow

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Today again, I’m showcasing another great and a favourite pommecythere recipe of mine; pommecythere chow. To me saying Pommecythere chow is delicious is an understatement: somehow the slight sour taste of pommecythere complemented by the garlic, chadon beni and hot pepper is nothing short of heavenly. Well maybe Trini heaven :-)

Enjoying Pommecythere Chow

So when and how do you really enjoy a good trini pommecythere chow? Well, I would say anytime! :-) You could have it as a snack while watching T.V, liming by the beach or river….. You don’t need a special occasion to have chow…..As to how to enjoy chow fresh is best. However, what I like to do is refrigerate the chow a bit then enjoy it. There’s something about the cold pommecythere and the heat of the pepper mixing in your mouth that’s …..well you will just have to try it and see, Uh!… taste.

Don’t you like the idea of experimenting with cold and hot? I mean we are used to being served peppery, spicy foods hot and I agree it has it’s place, but how about a chilled dish that’s spicy. Now that’s a thought; cold heat is what I would call it. Do you know of any chilled spicy dishes? A new concept to play around with I would say. Anyhow, here’s Pommecythere Chow; simple, hot (don’t forget hot) and delicious. Enjoy!

Pommecythere Chow Recipe


Pommecythere Chow



3 green pommecythere (Golden Apple)
5 leaves chadon beni
2 cloves garlic
salt to taste
pepper to taste


Peel and cut up the pommecythere.
Note the technique of cutting the pommecythere from of the spiny seed.

Grate the garlic and chadon beni
and add to the pommecythere

add salt and pepper to taste and mix.

And that is all there is to making pommecythere chow. Simple isn’t it? Well it’s the end of the week. Hope you all enjoyed these simple trini recipes and of course Music Monday. By the way what do you think of Music Monday? Tell me what you think….. Anyhow, I’m off to organise some more trini recipes for next week so see you then. Ah gone!




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    Gosh!…I LOVE pommecythere!, I haven’t had it in years in the middle of Ohio I have to settle for Mango chow. You should do a few recipes on “different, and unique” kinds of chow! I need some new ideas…I have tried cucumber, firm nectarines, orange, granny smith apples.
    You can make anything into chow, I guess!

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