Soursop Leaf Tea

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I’ve decided to post soursop leaf tea recipe tonight since this is the time it is most beneficial. You see soursop leaf tea is a natural soporific so for those of you who have trouble sleeping this is a wonderful tea to make. But the medicinal uses of the soursop leaves does not stop there. The leaves also kills head lice and bedbugs. It is used as an analgesic (painkiller) and antispasmodic (supresses spasms) and in a number of ailments ranging from cough, fevers, indigestion and most of all cancer.

Soursop leaf Tea and Cancer

In my recent research online I came across some stunning evidence that soursop was effective against a range of cancer which included colon, breast, lung, prostate and pancreatic cancer. It was so effective against colon cancer that a certain chemical from the soursop had the ability to selectively kill colon cancer cells at almost ten thousand times that of Adriamycin, a common drug used as a part of chemotherapy. Wow, that is some strong stuff!

Further reading showed that soursop was a real wonder because of how it targeted only cancer cells and left healthy cells intact, unlike chemotherapy which destroyed healthy cells as well in its process and also had serious side effects such as nausea, vomiting, hair loss and weight loss. The article on cancer is a great read for anyone seeking a more natural approach to healing cancer. This though, comes with a disclaimer attached and it must be stressed that before attempting any alternative treatments that you consult your oncologist or health care provider.

Look at that! Right here right in my backyard I have this tree growing and I never paid attention to it; only when it bears fruit. This is one tree I have to learn more about because it has many medicinal uses that could save you from a trip or trips to the doctor. Just think about it. Would you prefer to spend $400. for a doctor’s visit plus an additional $200. to buy tablets or just boil some soursop leaf tea for your ailment? I know what I would do…..Yawn!! Sleep is here and (No, I did not drink any soursop leaf tea ) I have to go before I …strt… to… tipe ……………stup………………pid…………………..sllll . Here’s soursop leaf tea.

 Soursop Leaf Tea Recipe

Soursop Leaf Tea


2 soursop leaves
sugar to taste
milk (optional)


Pick two leaves and tear into a small pot of water

Bring to a boil

Add sugar to taste. Add milk if desired.

 Well, I hope you liked my Soursop Leaf Tea recipe and if you did why not leave me a comment or two.



  1. says

    I’m wondering if it’s fine to use leaves that turned brown? The leaves are very hard to get in Singapore. A malaysian friend gave some to me but alot had turned brown

  2. says

    I am a cancer survivor and I also drink soursop leaves tea. I also find it hard to sleep and had been on medication for a loooooong time. Now, all I need is just this tea and by 9pm, I am already in bed. I also try to eat the fruit as much as I can. I posted the Triad Ritual for Cancer, which included the guyabano.
    See Victoria’s Box ( Facebook ) for my shared postings.

  3. says

    Hi. Where can i possibly buy the guyabano leaves? Ive been sick since december last year and im still struggling til now. I cant sleep coz the moment i try, i just keep coughing. Ive been seeing doctors and specialists but im still not cured. I badly need help.. :(

  4. says

    Correct Method
    1.You need to pick the newer leave( the greener ones , they tend to be delicate), never the brown ones , only the newer.
    2.Cut the leave
    3.On a saucepan , add 3 cups of water , and the leafs
    4. Cook on low for 1 hour, Cover the pan.( the important part)
    5. Add Blue Agave , or Honey , never sugar.
    this recipe has been on my family over 100 years.
    Im from Puerto Rico. My grand grandmother use to drink this every day , she never got cancer , or any terminal disease . she is 109 years old!
    we have 20 trees on the backyard.

  5. says

    @ Sophisticated Amazon has.

    @ HDPR Thank you for your recipe. I’ll like to find out though Why not sugar? Does it do something to the sour sop leaves?


      Leaves are o.k.; except the root or seeds, as it is said that it triggers Parkinson disease.
      On the other hand, leaves are good for hypertension as it lowers the blod pressure, which could be risky for people dealing with low blood pressure.
      I;m telling you this, because I read it in a book titled

      “The HEALING POWER of RAINFOREST HERBS” By Leslie Taylor, ND

  6. says

    The usefulness of the leaves sirsak:
    1. Killed cancer cells without disrupting healthy cells in tubuh
    2. Attacked the cancer cell safely and effectively, without the feeling of nausea, the weight descended, hair fell like that happened in kemotherapy
    3. Protected the system of body immunity and prevented from the infection that mematikan
    4. Effectively chose the target and killed bad cells from 12 types of different cancer cancer,
    5. The large intestine, breasts, the prostate, the lungs, the pancreas, serviks, and leukimia
    6. In slowing down the growth of the cancer cell, his efficiency 10,000 times were stronger compared to andriamycin and therapy kemo that was normal use
    7. Increased body immunity and prevented acid urat
    8. Helped the process of recuperation or the maintenance penyakit
    9. Anti tumour or cancer that is really strong

  7. Archana says

    MY dad is suffering fro Lung Cancer stage 3B,and no chemo medicine are effective,i came across this post,can somebody tell me from where i can get sour sop leaves,i am in Singapore,please help

  8. zaldy says

    hello,,, I am amazed to find out how great this guayabano can give all these benifit to our body… we are using sour leaf for many years when we are having diarrhea, we boil around 10 to 20 pieces of leaves to 3 cup of water, then we drink it as a tea… weallllla,,, our stomach upset just stop, instantly.. now my question for you is this, since 2 pieces of leaf is good for 1 cup of tea .. is it ok if I will consume this in my daily use? By the way I am from Philippines and guayabano is abunbdant in our place,, thank you

  9. Ingrid greaves says

    I hav known soursop leaves since I was a child in Trinidad my GrandMother used 2 give us da tea all da time. But now as an adult I’ve learned about the various benefits of Sour Sop n hav on hand experience . It Works.

  10. Mary Sharon says

    I have pancreatic cancer. I live in Wisconsin U.S. I can not find these leaves any where around here. How can i get some shipped to me. please help they say i only have 2-3 years with chemo treatment. This is my 2nd round, it is now in my liver. Thank you

    • says

      Hi Mary,
      I am sorry to hear of your illness. It must be distressing to not find the leaves. I feel obliged to help somehow. I can get my hands on some soursop leaves. However, it would have to be dried before I ship it out to you. Customs will not allow green leaves out of the country. I hope dried is fine for you. Please, email me your address at . I will tell you when they have been sent. This is of no charge.

  11. yvettedq says

    Thank u for the great article. I think Guyabano leaf tea is best as is & without any sugar & milk. Esp for those trying to avoid or are already at any cancer stage, cancer cells thrive on sugar & anything dairy. So best one avoids those two. That’s all, but thank you again!

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