Chadon Beni Chutney

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Well the day has come and I do keep my promises. Chadon beni (bhandhania) chutney is probably the simplest and fastest of the chutneys I know to make. In fact it’s probably the freshest also because it is made in a few minutes. I won’t keep you too long because you probably have some hot pholourie waiting to dip in this (my favourite) sauce. For those of you who don’t know what chadon beni looks like check here. Anyhow, today is Republic Day in my country so I have a day to catch up on my posting and take a deserved rest. Enjoy, Chadon Beni Chutney.

Chadon Beni Chutney

Chadon Beni Chutney


30 leaves chadon beni (culantro)
5 cloves garlic
1 small hot pepper
salt to taste


Wash the culantro leaves
Clean the garlic


Cut up the ingredients in a blender

Add a little water and blend to a smooth consistency
Pour out in a bowl and add salt to taste
The chutney is ready to be served

See how easy it is! This chutney could also be eaten with anything else, I like it with Split Peas Rice or Pelau or you could even try it with some Rice and Dhal and Smoked Herring. Try it with any meal when you want a little herbed spiciness. I really have no trouble whipping up a batch of this quickly because it grows almost wild in my backyard, and that is what I like; It’s straight from my backyard to my plate.

Before I go… you may see me using Bhandhania, Chadon beni (shado beni), and Culantro interchangeably that’s because we use all three names for the same herb (Eryngium Foetidum).

Ah gone! See you tomorrow please God. :^)



  1. says

    This looks very good………..
    Shadow Beni i am able to get here in Virginia which imo is a big surprise.
    I have to try this out,never had it before .

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