Aloo (Potato) Pie

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Today this dish had me reminiscing a lot so you have to excuse me, but at the same time enjoy the ride. Some of the places you may have to look up in a map or ask a Trini about…. Aloo pies ; that word just brings up so much memories that’s hard to forget… Staying back for Math lessons in Moreau Rd was one in particular. All I had was a little spare change to buy two aloo pie and that was just enough for me. As the bell rang in the evening, I hurried to the parlour nearby and ordered my aloo pie with curry mango sauce. I was good to go until I reach home.

After a while I caught on… the pies were cheaper in the evening so I kept all my money until home time and enjoyed my feast of aloo pies; those were good days…….It’s early morning and the lazy sun just peeps over the mountainside but it was life as usual in the hustle and bustle in San Juan market. Doubles was the mainstay but, if you look carefully some doublesmen had a separate cooler and guess what they had; aloo pie of course.


Nice hot aloo pies, for if you didn’t want doubles, and it was more filling too. The slight pepper with a little mango chutney at that time in the morning really hit the spot……Up El Do’ was the other place I could remember. The old Indian lady and old man used to fry it in front of you so you know it was fresh pies you were getting….Even some of the vans did the same thing. They pulled up by UWI to sell; the aroma of the pies frying, just filled the Saturday morning air. Now UWee doubles is a mainstay there; with long lines and the usual morning traffic in the back road….Then down Aranjuez by the big tree and temple was a next hot spot……

Well, I think it’s time to stop reminiscing about Aloo pie and get on with the post. Anyhow ,those were good days for me; it reminds me of where I went and the memories I had. I don’t think you would still want me to tell you how nice aloo pies taste. Try the recipe out and taste for yourself and maybe have a memory or two. Here’s Aloo pie; born and bred in Trinidad and Tobago.


aloo pie


3 cups flour
1 tsp. yeast
1/2 tsp. baking powder
1/4 tsp. salt

5 medium potatoes
3 medium cloves garlic
1 pimiento pepper
2 tsp. salt
1 pinch black pepper
1 tsp. geera
2 tsp. amchar massala
dash pepper sauce
1 tbsp. fresh grind seasoning


Cut the potatoes in half and put to boil.

Knead the flour, baking powder, yeast and salt into a soft dough and set aside to rest

Peel and crush the boiled potatoes

Add the rest of the ingredients for the Aloo mixture and mix thoroughly.

Make little balls
and flatten out

Add a little of the aloo mixture in the centre
Fold the dough
and mark with a fork

Fry until golden brown
Aloo Pies

It’s time to go now so see you next time. Look out for a lentil peas recipe next time. Bye!
I think I’ll have an aloo pie with some kuchela.



  1. Sasha says

    Can I use the same Dough Mixture and bake the aloo pie, instead of frying it? Or do you suggest I use your Trinidad Beef Pie (Pastry)’s Pie Crust recipe instead, as that recipe is used to bake the dough instead?
    thanks, and keep up the great job

    • says

      No, well I shouldn’t say no outright because I believe in experimenting lol! :) but in this case you’d be safer using the pastry dough if you’re baking.

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