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Dumplings are a favorite because it is versatile and goes with just about anything: curried cascadura, curry fish, lentil peas, curry crab, saltfish, smoke herring, etc. The dumpling is usually shaped larger and boiled in water. It can also taste great when cooked in soups, especially cow heel soup.

Dumplings in Soups

The dumpling made for soups is usually rolled about 1″ thick and cut up. In the cow heel soup post that is how we made it. Although it is usually kneaded with water, the dumpling dough can also be kneaded with coconut milk to give it a coconut flavor as well. The dough can also be seasoned to your taste.

You can also boil dumpling in water and then add it to cook a little more, in some curry or chicken stew. We like to do this especially when we’re making curry crab and dumpling. So when we’re making dumplings there are basically two types:

1.the long flat type ( shown below) which we call cow tongue dumpling, and
2.the cylindrical type commonly used in soups.

There may be a third: a round flat type we call cartwheel dumpling made in Tobago.

It’s just a matter of forming the dough to the desired shape for the dish you’re using it for.

Dumplings Recipe


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2 cups  all-purpose flour
1 tsp. salt
¾ cup water, or coconut milk
2 litres water (for boiling dumplings)


Mix the flour and salt. Stir in the water and form a dough.
Dough should be firm enough to be shaped.
Leave to rest about 10 minutes before shaping the dough.


Larger dumplings are boiled in salted water.

Allow to cook for about 10-15 minutes or when dumplings float to the top,
the dumpling is done. Drain and wash out with some cold water.
Set aside for serving.

There you go, dumplings can be part of your soup or a stew. If you wish to add it to a soup make a smaller dough and roll it out with the palm of your hands. Then cut to your desired length.

This basic recipe will help introduce you to some more recipes here in the blog.


Well that’s all for now. See you next time!


  1. Jennifer says

    I was looking for a corn soup recipe and found it here. Simple quick and easy to follow directions. Just what I needed. Keep them coming. Be blessed!

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