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The sun was bright in the sky and it was begging me to take a ride to Lopinot (pronounced Lo-pi-no).  The last time I drove to Lopinot, I went with my father and his parang band (a very long time ago). For some reason, I cannot remember the drive being this long and winding. But the scenic mountains and tall trees marveled me even more.


A Scenic Lopinot



When we arrived at Lopinot, even though it was long the drive was worth it. The area has a lot of historical relics for visitors to enjoy. First, there is the House of Compte, Charles de Lopinot, who settled in the Valley in 1806 and name the estate “La Reconnaissance. On these 478 acres the plantation house is the most visible.

Views from Lopinot


Lopinot Trinidad and Tobago, simplytrinicooking.com




This sign gave a little history of the estate. (Click on the picture to zoom in).



The other thing that really caught my eye was the dirt oven, an earthen, dome-shaped structure. This oven baked without natural gas or electricity. Sweet! Yes, this is the oven of yesteryear that baked breads, cakes, etc. which was the tastiest (so I have heard and would love to try it someday).



The second thing that caught my eye was the Cocoa House. The Cocoa House is a reflection of the years when cocoa was the main crop in the valley and was a thriving industry. Long time, the Cocoa House was mainly used to dry the cocoa beans that were brought from the fields. The cocoa field workers tools were also stored beneath the cocoa house.





Parang is still alive in the valley of Lopinot, especially at Christmas time. Here is a brilliant depiction of the paranderos and their musical instruments.


The musical instruments the paranderos play (Cuatro, guitar, mandolin, violin)


Long ago, houses were made of dirt, and this house was no different.
Here is an area showing how it was made.
These following pictures shows the interior of the house starting anti-clockwise. Each area of the room shows some antique and memorable object.

Before I end this post, I must leave with you this view. Enjoy!

See you next time. Bye!


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